I’m Outta Here…But to Where?

An insane person came up with the idea that 18-year-olds should decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It baffles me that at such a young age we are expected to figure out what we want to major in and where we will go to school to learn that major. … Continue reading I’m Outta Here…But to Where?

Do I Look Like a Bitch to You?

I’m not a bitch. Really. But a few friends told me before they knew me, they thought I was a bitch. I wouldn’t say hi or smile when I passed by. I guess I really do have “resting bitch face.” Now my friends know that I would rather eat worms marinated in sewage sludge than … Continue reading Do I Look Like a Bitch to You?

How does an introvert thrive as a journalist?

Journalists do interviews. Introverts don’t like to approach strangers, let alone ask questions that might make those strangers uncomfortable. But I’m an introverted journalism major. How’s that for irony? You might think introverts can't be journalists because for us, talking to new people is extremely difficult. But introverts have methods of surviving interviews. I once discussed … Continue reading How does an introvert thrive as a journalist?